america’s next top model auditions

Tyra Banks the creative mind behind America’s Next Top Model is a successful supermodel now turned talk show host and business woman. She had a successful modelling career from the time she was sixteen years old. She graced covers of many magazines from sports illustrated to Italian vogue and walked on catwalks for numerous designers all over the world. Now that she has retired from the catwalk, she decided to help other young girls by introducing the America’s Next Top Model. Models that have launched their careers through this show have gone out to be very successful in the industry whether or not they won their individual cycles. To start off your modelling career, Americas Next Top Model auditions can offer you a great platform. Through the season the models learn a lot, they get to meet a lot of designers and even go on ‘go sees’ to get real world experience in the industry.
You can find out about the America’s Next Top Model auditions by checking the official websites. Once you get this information, you need to be very keen on the date and time. You have to be there very early for the auditions. If you watch the show, you can see that thousands of girls audition for America’s Next Top Model (ANTM). So you need to get on the queue very early. This is normally an open casting call so everyone shows up. Wear comfortable shoes since you may be standing for very long. However, bring a pair of heels that you can walk with; you will wear them when it’s your turn to audition. Another thing that you can carry with you is a swim suit. Sometimes they may ask you to wear one; sometimes they don’t. It’s better to be prepared though.
You have to be dressed comfortably and keep your make up to the minimum. Actually Tyra always advises the girls who go for the America’s Next Top Model auditions not to wear any make up at all. Your face needs to be seen. Don’t wear exaggerated weaves or hair extensions that cover your face. Mostly, the girls are advised to hold back their hair in a pony tail. This allows the casting team to have a good look at your face to see the check bones and angles.
Remember, ANTM is not all about the looks. To succeed in your America’s Next Top Model auditions, you need to have a personality. The models are asked to talk about themselves. Unlike other job interviews, you don’t have to talk about your work experience. You can talk about what you do, where you live, and your family. However, be professional, just because you can talk about anything doesn’t mean you can blurt out everything.Be audible; don’t speak too fast and always look at the casting team; don’t look down at your feet or use too much hand gesture.